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Cablesurf 120 Mb Now available !

  • The latest EuroDocsis 3.0 technology
  • Free connection !
  • Wireless N router included, perfect for your laptop
  • No telephone line required
  • Unlimited use

Only €59.79 per month incl VAT @ 21%

Cablesurf 60 Mb

Only €49.79 per month incl VAT @ 21%

Cablesurf 30 Mb

Only €39.83 per month incl VAT @ 21%

Prices shown apply when added to an existing TV connection. Otherwise a Broadband Standalone Charge of €10 a month applies.

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As an Internet Service Provider (ISP) Cablesurf is now peered with INEX, offering even greater connectivity for our customers.
 Cablesurf Digital Phone
  • Save over €300 per year!
  • No Line rental
  • No connection fee
  • Talk around the world for less
  • Includes free wireless Dect phone
Dect Phone

€14.94 per month for all your local, national and UK landline calls!

Phone : 058 41845    Email : info@cablesurf.com
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