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 The Benefits Of Cablesurf ™
The Cablesurf ™ system has many advantages over conventional phone modems, most importantly the system is cheaper, faster and more convenient than any other method for getting online. To get online all you need is a PC and a connection to the cable TV network.
  • Cablesurf Broadband - 20 Mbps Super fast broadband connection
  • 18 times faster than DSL
  • 180 times faster than a dial up phone line
  • No Connection charge - € 40 per month unlimited usage

Cost: Most Internet service providers charge a flat monthly fee of between 12.70 and 20.32. As well as this every time you are online you are paying local call charges. This can add up substantially even if the Internet is used for only 1 hour per day. Cablesurf ™ charges a flat rate fee from 40.00 per month with no phone charges.

Speed: The cable modem used by Cablesurf ™ has been estimated to be up to 180 times faster than conventional phone modems. Cablesurf ™ lowers considerably the time it takes for web sites to load.

Convenience: You pay only one bill. Instead of having to pay the Phone Company and your service provider you only pay the Cablesurf ™ fee. With conventional telephone modems, while you are online your phone cannot be used to receive or make calls whereas with Cablesurf ™ you are always Online and your telephone is left free for calls.!

Phone : 058 41845    Email : info@cablesurf.com
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